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Premium Audit

Control inventories and complete assignments like never before

Premium Audit Manager (PAM™) from AuSuM Systems™ combines a state of the art tracking system with a full featured reporting engine from which data can be mined and statistically analyzed.

With a user definable rule set complete with auto-learning logic, companies can use PAM™ to make better decisions on what audits to order and what methods to complete these audits. Utilizing the many tools found in PAM™, companies can streamline their workflow and entire audit process.

Many companies utilizing PAM™ for their Premium Audit process have been able to achieve over a 50% performance increase in productivity while achieving a better quality of service for their customers.

To learn more about the rich features of the AuSuM Systems™ suite of products and how they can improve your Premium Audit processes, call or email today to schedule a free demonstration.