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Premium Audit Software Solutions for Insurance Companies

PAM™ Premium Audit Manager™

Premium Audit Manager™, or PAM™, from AuSuM Systems™, allows underwriters to automate their entire premium audit process – from creation & assignment to submission of final reports – improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole operation.

PAM™ allows insurance providers and fee-based service companies to automate their entire premium audit process – from creation & assignment to submission of final reports.

By seamlessly integrating auditors, agents, customers and carriers through an electronic web-based system, PAM™ reduces the administrative workload, eliminates paper, and minimizes human errors normally associated with managing an audit process; thus, improving the quality of the final product, while readily giving access to information.

PAM™ provides the means to instantly share and review audit data and supporting documentation; making the entire audit process quicker and more accurate.

PAM™ establishes clear and consistent policies and rules for collecting data, while allowing options for auditors and managers to utilize the system in a manner that is tailored to their needs.

With PAM™, you can assign and track audits from creation to delivery – online and in real time.

AudRey™ Audit Relay Software

Audit Relay Software, or AudRey™, has been re-designed from the ground up, combining the best features of the Future Audit™ approach with a new audit management software that allows EVERY auditor to work the way they want to work.

AudRey™ is a comprehensive database-driven auditing tool and reporting system, designed specifically for use by field auditors. The application installs on any Windows-based laptop, handheld, or wireless computer. AudRey™ provides as much or as little aid an auditor wants to complete detailed premium audits online or offline – faster and easier than ever before.

The completely re-designed and user-tested interface puts tools and features just where the auditor needs them and at the appropriate time during the audit process. AudRey™ provides the auditor with Microsoft Excel type features. The worksheet allows auditors to work in rows or columns.

Cleaner reports are now the standard in AudRey™. Each report contains the summary data needed and then when more detail is required the report simply opens up so that the detailed data can be viewed.

Auto-AudRey™ Auto Audit Relay Software

AutoAudrey™ is a cutting edge technology solution that allows policyholders to virtually provide the vital information necessary for an in depth physical audit through a simple and easy to understand user interface.

AutoAudrey™ allows automatic distribution and collection of vital audit information such as quarterly reports, payroll information, employee classifications, and more through a simplified portal that policyholders can provide and attach documentation for on an annual, semiannual, or more frequent basis without auditor intervention including the pay as you go model.

AutoAudrey™ can be used in many ways to supplement a physical audit by providing initial financial information, prior to a physical audit. The user interface for AutoAudrey™ is customizable, simple, and easy to use for a policyholder and can be supplemented through a physical audit.