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Patient Safety Management

Track visits and rounds faster and easier than ever before

Patient Safety Management™, a web-based management and tracking software, from AuSuM Systems™ is an enterprise-wide health care inspection and patient safety system.

Patient Safety Management™ reduces the administrative workload normally associated with conducting evaluations and managing data by seamlessly integrating the whole process within an electronic web-based system, while tracking the number of errors and inconsistencies made in the hospital.

With Patient Safety Management™, the entire evaluation process is automated online, providing the whole team with better tools, around-the-clock access to information, and greater resources – all at their fingertips. The result: reduced busy work, decreased turnaround time, greater productivity and greater probability of compliance.

Patient Safety Management™ software is completely customizable so that if you inspect or evaluate anything from patient safety and facility standards to location and operation of equipment, the software can be adapted to work for your hospital's needs, providing better reports and improved patient safety practices.

Patient Safety Management™ incident reporting allows for quick and efficient notification of incidents, more accurate reporting and thorough analysis of data to help detect problems in specific departments or care practice.

Care specialists can enter notes directly to provide additional insight or instructions, elevating response time when necessary and making sure everyone who needs information gets it fast and greater accuracy.

To learn more about the rich features of the AuSuM Systems™ suite of products and how they can streamline your patient safety processes, call or email today to schedule a free demonstration.