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Oil & Gas Inspection

Improve inspection quality and safety levels across your enterprise

With SaRA™ and ASHley™, your auditors can complete field inspections for onshore and offshore rigging and equipment in minutes, ensuring that assets are kept in compliance with corporate and regulatory standards.

One can create rules and logic for a variety of applications, including equipment and instrumentation troubleshooting, safety surveys, even equipment upgrade schedules, in order to standardize and streamline processes across your entire organization.

The reporting and data mining capabilities of AuSuM Systems™ allows companies to aggregate data across asset type, geography, potential risks – any criteria you define. Get real-time information to identify and monitor trends, prevent potential problems before they start, and more effectively manage the life cycle of your equipment.

These tools can dramatically improve the productivity of your inspection teams and management, reducing downtime, enhancing field performance and driving down operating costs, while improving critical safety levels.

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