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Loss Control & Risk Management Software for Insurance Companies

SaRA™ Survey and Risk Assessment™

Survey and Risk Assessment™, or SaRA™, from AuSuM Systems™ dramatically improves your surveying operations and helps reduce the number of errors and inconsistencies made in the field.

SaRA™ supports anyone performing Risk Management Analyses, Safety Inspections, Underwriting Evaluations, Facility Inspections, and Claims Verifications with a flexible management system providing unmatched workflow, as well as unparalleled reporting and statistical analysis.

SaRA™ reduces the administrative workload normally associated with managing surveys by seamlessly integrating the whole process within an electronic web-based system.

With SaRA™, the entire survey process is automated online, providing the whole team with better tools, around-the-clock access to information, and greater resources ™ all at their fingertips. The result: reduced busy work, decreased turnaround time, greater productivity, and greater probability of compliance.

SaRA™ is a completely customizable risk management software system so that if you inspect anything or send field staff to look at anything SaRA™ can be adapted to work for your business needs.

SaRA™ enables management and business users to create better reports and value added services for customers, while making it easier for field staff to complete reports.

ASHley™ Automated Survey Handler

Automated Survey Handler™ or ASHley™, from AuSuM Systems™, is an automated Safety Inspection and Risk Management Survey tool designed for use in the field and to interface with sister-software, SaRA™ (Survey and Risk Management™).

ASHley™ expertly guides users through each step of the survey and inspection process, and provides all the forms and supporting documentation necessary to complete surveys and inspections onsite. And when used in conjunction with SaRA™, it offers a turnkey, fully automated and paperless system for managing any loss control, survey, or inspection situation.

The application installs on any Windows-based laptop, handheld, or wireless computer; aiding field personnel in completing detailed loss management reports onsite – faster and easier than ever before.

ASHley™ expertly guides users through each step of the inspection process, and provides all the forms and supporting documentation necessary to complete surveys onsite.

Each aspect of ASHley™ has been designed to help streamline the field process and make conducting surveys as efficient as possible – from attaching photos and diagrams to spell checking text entries. ASHley™ even features an advanced completion logic that pre-selects key risk improvements based on approved criteria and classifications.


AuSuM's proprietary Self Survey application allows automatic distribution of self survey questionnaires that allows carriers or service providers to send Self Surveys to policyholders to gather vital risk information with minimal effort and minimal cost. AuSuM's Self Survey application can also be custom branded and published for iOS, Android, and Windows to reflect your business.

The Self Survey app is the most cost efficient way to gather crucial underwriting, risk management, and safety information at minimal cost for use in pre-surveys or large accounts or full surveys of small accounts.

AuSuM's Self Survey can also be used as a cost efficient way to follow up on recommendations and risk improvements as well as obtain regular information on Sprinkler System, Alarm, and Cooking Suppression System maintenance.