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Fire Safety Inspection

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fire and safety inspections

Fire safety in every community is paramount. By utilizing SaRA™ and ASHley™, fire departments and communities can cut costs while better managing the process of ordering, scheduling, and completing fire and safety inspections.

With ready access to NFPA codes, standards, and barcodes, the tracking of safety devices and equipment was never easier. Handheld technology allows the inspector to quickly access device history while entering new devices with an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Potential risk identification and tracking and electronic follow-up allows for a fire department or community to track and mitigate potential dangers before they happen.

Using the reporting and data mining features of the system, fire department chiefs and community leaders can make better informed decisions based on real data that can be trended and used in statistical models.

To learn more about the rich features of the AuSuM Systems™ suite of products and how they can streamline your fire inspection process, call or email today to schedule a free demonstration.