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CanDi™ Collections and Debt Inventory

AuSuM Systems™ technology can effectively support your collections operations by helping define and standardize workflow processes and assignments across your territories, while providing greater visibility and insight into your total collection activity.

All of the AuSuM™ tools, including our Collections and Debt Inventory product, CanDi™, are fully customizable and integrate easily into your business operations. CanDi™ allows managers to setup rules to automate assignment of collection representatives to accounts, define and track collection activities, document all contact history and progress notes, and send out multiple iterations of demand letters electronically and via postal mail. It can even be configured to turn delinquencies over to a collection agency once certain criteria are met or set up individual payment plans for debtors.

And because CanDi™ is part of AuSuM Systems, it integrates seamlessly with PAM™, our Premium Audit Manager solution, automatically generating collections tickets out of your auditing process and consolidating data for streamlined, comprehensive reporting. It's true end-to-end support for your business.

With CanDi™, collection protocols and messaging are consistently defined and executed across your organization whether you are using in-house employees, remote offices, or contractors. The AuSuM™ system is accessible to approved users anywhere, any time of the day and night.

CanDi also allows you to import historical data from virtually any standardized format, providing your organization with a complete real-time assessment of your entire collections operations, from account aging and agent activity to repayment forecasts.

To learn more about the rich features of the AuSuM Systems™ suite of products and how they can improve your risk management processes, call or email today to schedule a free online demonstration.