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Claims Verification

Quickly and accurately track and verify the validity of claims

Survey and Risk Assessment™ (SaRA™) allows underwriters, claims examiners, agents, and brokers to completely automate the claims verification process. All data for claims verification can be mined and reported on as needed by the user.

Data can be collected on state of the art handheld equipment that is durable and easily transportable. Complete with pictures and customizable data collection forms all data regarding the verification of clams can be captured. Many easy to use tools exist for the claims examiner to be able to schedule and report on their work. These features include the Auto Scheduler, progress reporting, mapping and directions, schedules that integrate with existing PDA's and mobile devices.

A notes journal system allows users of the system to communicate with each other on the status and action items of claims. Final report data can be mined and transported to another system on an as needed basis.

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