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The Global Standard in Insurance Software Solutions

AuSuM Systems™ is the inventor of Premium Audit Manager™, one of the very first solutions that allowed underwriters to automate the entire premium audit process from creation and assignment to submission of their final reports.

This core functionality of PAM™ became the basis of the AuSuM Systems™ solution, which has now been expanded to include a suite of sophisticated surveying and assessment tools that support any organization that perform risk management analyses, safety inspections, underwriting evaluations, facility inspections and claims verifications.s partner with your technology teams to build mutual understanding, reduce risk in development and maintain highly efficient work streams throughout the deployment process.

But it takes more than technology to improve your process. That's why only AuSuM Systems™ delivers the complete solution built and managed by experts who work with your team on site and in the field to make sure our system meets your specific business goals and requirements.

What is AuSuM Systems™?

AuSuM Systems™ is a fully integrated solution that enables companies to dramatically reduce the time and cost associated with data gathering and analysis, while cost effectively expanding both the frequency of inspections and the amount of data collected.

One of the first platforms to automate the entire auditing process end to end, AuSuM Systems™ connects all of your players into a powerful team, allowing you to control the content and performance from entry to delivery ™ online and in real time.

The ease of executing AuSuM Systems™ also means surveys or inspections are completed in less than half the time compared to manual systems, so you no longer have to rely on partial or sample-based testing. Results are more accurate and potential problems are identified and resolved sooner.

Why choose AuSuM Systems™?

AuSuM Systems™ is a field-tested solution that has been in use by auditors and inspection agents in the field for nearly 20 years, processing more than 26 million audits and surveys to date.

The framework of the AuSuM Systems™ platform was designed by experienced audit professionals and helped revolutionize how audits were conducted utilizing the web, improving overall audit quality, reducing bottom-line costs, and transforming companies' operations. This basis provided the means to expand the suite of products to include surveys, inspections, risk management, and the plethora of other capabilities described herein.

The AuSuM Systems™ solution is fully supported by a team of specialists from the moment planning begins throughout its deployment. Because our experts understand your industry and the nuances of your requirements, you can be confident that our technology will deliver all that your business needs and more.